Saturday, November 12, 2005


A lot of people have been asking about what it is like to webmaster for any actor, muchless Ryan. Answer: it's like any other job - you love some parts and others you could do without. It's more than just talking with him. It's dealing with the mail, handling errors and downed servers, keeping on top of spammers and making sure the site is as current as possible. It's learning to handle people in appropriate ways no matter what is presented to you. I'd like to say every piece of email I get is peachy - just sunshine and daffodils. I don't get nasty emails. I don't think I ever have. Ryan doesn't seem to leave that kind of impression on people. If anything people want to protect him. But there are people you can tell are clearly "not well". There are people who write asking for autographs without the least idea or appreciation for who he is. There are people who don't thoroughly check who he is and think they are writing to the porn star with the same name (those emails are "interesting"). I'm also working for a man who has his own life and schedule and a world of fans who are used to a simple 9-5 Monday-Friday work week. Ryan doesn't really have that. He works by a production schedule and at times really doesn't have time to answer questions or respond to comments. It's a matter of blending my schedule with his schedule with the needs of those visiting the website. Everyone needs to be respected and things need to get done but when and how is always up in the air. All things being as they are, I'm happy when he's busy. The business is competitive and I like to see him on a successful project. But this is how this blog will probably run - feast or famine. My thoughts as they really are regardless of who might read them or what they might think. Names changed to protect the innocent but yet an honest view of how it really is to work for an actor as a webmaster. Feel free to chime in with your comments and questions. I can always use the input.